About Us: 

 Meet the folks behind the flamingo. 

Since 2008, owners Randall & Becky have succeeded in providing customers (“Friends of Fred”) with the highest quality produce & food products. Three reasons have contributed to this success: their commitment to growing without pesticides (only natural deterrents), their innovation in flavor, and their friendship with a certain pink flamingo

Randall learned the ins & outs of food processing in the industry for over 40 years. Soon after, they started selling produce at the farmer’s market in Woodstock, GA in 2010. A few years later, that little pink bird whispered a few words that would change the course of their business: “Hatch Green Chilies!” Making frequent trips to New Mexico each year, Randall & Becky began using these delicious, unique peppers to create their signature Hatch Green Chili Salsa. 


This innovation had a ripple effect, and soon, they found themselves selling a variety of salsas, fresh pickles, and extreme hot sauces (sourced from Fred’s own garden of some of the hottest peppers available). Later, Fred convinced them to create what was to be a Best-Seller, the Roasted Tomatillo Green Salsa, with hatch green chilies instead of jalapeños. With its signature taste & spice, this salsa is “one-of-a-kind & to-die-for” (in Fred’s words). 

Fred’s love of nature has also prompted the couple to sell a variety of stunning live plants, from elephant ears to aloe vera plants, during the warmer months. (Check back here in the spring to shop online!)

In 2020, Fred linked up with one of Randall’s long-time friends to curate a line of savory jerky products with the finest pork tenderloin & venison. In the years to come, Fred is excited to offer his friends new barbecue rubs, tomatillo dressings, and frozen dinners! 


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For more delicious, locally-made food products, visit our friends at myketobandito.com.