Red Hatch Chili Chicken Corn Enchiladas

Red Hatch Chili Chicken Corn Enchiladas


   Fred has developed several homemade varieties of Chicken Enchiladas made with Hatch Red & Green Chilies from New Mexico ! A Pan serves two people, and only $10!

   This variety is RED HATCH CHILI CHICKEN CORN, consisting of Four Corn tortillas, rolled with liberal quantities of white chicken breast meat, five types of cheese, and Red Hatch Enchilada sauce from New Mexico.

   The chicken is pre-cooked, ready for your oven. Not recommended in the microwave due to the metal pan and the ability for the oven to take time to get the flavor throughout the enchiladas.

   NOTE: Fred's fast facts: Only for local delivery (in Cherokee County, GA area) & cannot be shipped- Very limited quantitiesFor local delivery in Cherokee County: please add this item to your cart & select “Add a Note” before you checkout. Please give Fred a 4 hour delivery window (ex: 1-5 PM) in that notes section and select “Cherokee County” as your shipping option. Fred will do his best to deliver your goodies within your given time window in the next 2 days.


  • Heating Instructions:

    Frozen: 375 Degrees for 45 Minutes

    Thawed: 375 Degrees for 25 Minutes

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